Gambling Laws In New Mexico

There are many federal laws in place across the country which impact gambling and none are as important as the Federal Wire Act and the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) which effectively outlaw the facilitation of bets for profit. These laws, nor the New Mexico gambling laws are all encompassing however they do nothing to prevent a recreational bettor from the simple act of placing a wager. It is only the venues which have all but been erased by these laws as the intention was to put a damper on organized crime and a stop to corruption while leaving the average citizen alone.

There is much room to these legislation for each state to craft their own laws in regards to gambling and New Mexico is one such state that has done so. exists for all those in the Land of Enchantment to inform themselves of local gambling regulations and where they may go to safely and legally gamble both on land and on the internet, if they so desire.

Legality of Gambling in New Mexico - Is It Legal?

Gambling in the state of New Mexico consists of: "A. making a bet; B. entering or remaining in a gambling place with intent to make a bet, to participate in a lottery or to play a gambling device; C. conducting a lottery; or D. possessing facilities with intent to conduct a lottery." And these acts are listed as a petty misdemeanor in the land of enchantment which could mean a fine of $50-$100 and/or 15 days in jail. This is the least serious offense one can make in New Mexico that could still theoretically land you in jail, however there does not seem to be much enforcement or investigations into gambling in New Mexico.

The general consensus is the same as is with the rest of the country under the federal laws mentioned above. The business of gambling and facilitating bets is what is considered highly illegal and targeted for prosecution while casual bettors making a wager on the Lobos before the game with friends is usually ignored. Commercial gambling is a big no-no in New Mexico unless officially licensed by the state to do so. Without proper licensure, one may find themselves in serious legal trouble with a 4th degree felony which could mean up to eighteen months in prison and a fine of up to $5000.

Despite these anti-gambling measures, New Mexico has plenty of legal gambling for residents and visitors alike to take advantage of. The state hosts 5 licensed facilities which are classified as 'racinos' since they have electronic gaming machines as well as pari-mutuel racetracks. Bettors looking for gambling action will also be able to find liver poker rooms in the state from these licensed facilities or if they prefer, visit one of the many tribally operated Native American casinos of which there are 23.

Land-Based Gambling In New Mexico

With five (5) state-sanctioned facilities, New Mexico residents can partake in most of the major forms of gambling outside of sports betting. Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino is one of the more popular destinations in the land of enchantment especially for those who are interested in thoroughbred racing. Since the site expanded its operation to include slot machines, business has grown significantly and the races held here have become important event for those who seek glory in eventually reaching the Kentucky Derby. For those in New Mexico who desire a more traditional casino experience, the tribal casinos throughout the state have all of the bases covered. The first and largest of these tribal casinos is the highly regarded Sandia Resort & Casino located outside of Albuquerque which has over a thousand gaming machines and plenty of table games which will constantly remind you didn't make a wrong turn.

Online Gambling In New Mexico

Online gambling in New Mexico is not regulated in any way as the gambling laws in New Mexico make no reference to the internet. If following the rules of both the State and federal laws, we know that commercial gambling is undoubtedly highly illegal while the simple act of placing a bet is completely legal. This means that you cannot operate an online gambling site in the state (or anywhere else in the country for that matter, aside from a few rare exceptions in Nevada.) but are allowed to visit one. The problem then is finding a venue which can take your bets that is not committing a crime under U.S. law. This is a simple task on the internet as anyone in New Mexico with internet access is able to visit any online gambling destination in the world, of which there is a litany of options.

We have found that many of these sites are reputable, reliable, secure and even specifically intended for American users to utilize even though they are located in foreign territories. Our favorite sites have been in business providing steady payouts to locals in the land of enchantment for years and to rave reviews. Also a bonus for using an online gambling service is the fact that it exists outside of U.S. jurisdiction which allows users to wager on anything that they wish that they otherwise would not be able to, such as sports betting.

Popular Gambling Options In New Mexico:

Online Sportsbooks - Online Casinos - Online Poker

Bovada - Best All-Around Legal Gambling Site For New Mexico

Perhaps our favorite online gambling site for those of us living in New Mexico is the highly popular Bovada. It's easy to see why more American users frequent this particular site upon visiting, as they offer every single major form of gambling on the planet whether it be traditional casino games, horse racing, bets on entertainment events, political races, Texas Hold‘em tournaments, Omaha hi/lo or the ever popular and sought-after sports betting. Bovada has been in the game for decades with a hefty list of user testimonials with an immense amount of positive reviews who enjoy reliable payouts, tight security and privacy and access to a number of perks and bonuses.

Those who wish to use the online sportsbook at Bovada will see a fantastic welcome bonus sure to get them started on the right foot. Any new member's first deposit into their account is instantly boosted by 50% worth up to $250 in free betting money which is sure to help in exploring the vastness of the site. New Mexico residents will find themselves at home at Bovada while betting from the comfort of their own homes.

Legal New Mexico Gambling Sites
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What Is The Legal Age To Gamble In New Mexico?

The legal gambling age for those in the state of New Mexico is 18 years of age or older however there are some casinos which have their own age restrictions set to 21 years of age due to the sale of alcohol. All of those in New Mexico who wish to gamble online with one of our preferred sites will find that most of them require residents to meet the gambling ages set by New Mexico gambling regulation, however a few do only require users to be at least 18 years old.


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